Ditch the Scales

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It’s time we moved on from using bathroom scales – They only give you scale weight. You are much more than that. You are made of muscle, water, mineral and fat, constantly changing throughout the day. Don’t let these natural fluctuations destroy your motivation to live a healthy lifestyle. Don’t believe that you haven’t made progress just because your weight is the same.

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We take the guess-work out of tracking your health and fitness progress!

The Inbody 570 Body Composition Analyser is a non-intrusive, reliable and extremely accurate way of tracking:

• Total Body Weight
• Body Fat Mass
• Skeletal Muscle Mass
• Fat Free Mass
• Total Body Water
• Protein
• Body Fat Percentage
• Hip to Weight Ratio
• Body Mass Index
• Segmental Muscle Mass (showing the difference between each arm and leg)
• Visceral Bar Graph
• An overall Fitness/Health score
Plus much more

Are you a gym owner? Being as we are mobile we can come to the gym and set up appointments with your clients throughout the day

Doing it for yourself, come to our studio or we can drive to your house and do it in the comfort of your home.


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Ditch The Scales